For the entire month of June, Come one, come all to the Texas Strength Summer Squad Battle Royal and compete for strongest team. This is a one of a kind Team Event where we are inviting all Weightlifting teams and Barbell Clubs to come out and put up big numbers. The winning team will get one Mens 8 Needle Bearing Texas bar and one Womens 8 Needle Bearing Stealth Bar, plus custom made T-shirts for the entire Team declaring your team as the "Strongest Team / Club in Houston." 

Rules- Starting Memorial Day Weekend and going through the month of June. Your team picks a day to come train at Texas Strength. 
The top 3 mens sinclair totals and the top3 womens sinclair total will be averaged out and that total will be your teams score. (Totals must be performed at Texas Strength to be valid.) 

Fee's for event will $10 per per athlete on team. 

1st Place Prizes - Mens 8 Dual Needle Bearing Texas Bar, Womens 8 Needle Bearing Stealth Bar, Custom T-Shirts Declaring your team the strong team in Houston for the year.

2nd Place Prize - American Gainz Protein shaker bottles and Goat Tape and Texas Strength T-shirts for the Top three men and women on the team.

3rd Place Prize - Texas Strength T-shirts for members participating in event.

*Must have a minimum of 10 teams participate so share this event to your friends!

Email ahead of time so we know when you are coming.