Membership Pricing

Below is a list of membership options.


Unlimited Memberships

* Additional $30 deposit for key fob refundable when returned at end of membership.

Personal Coaching/Training

1 on 1 Personal Coaching to help you achieve your weightlifting and fitness goals. Work with your coach on skill, technique, programming, fitness, nutrition, and more in our private training room space. 

24 Sessions: (non member) $1968 ($80/hour)/ (member) $1600 ($67/hour)   Best value!

12 Sessions: (non member) $1008 ($84/hour)/ (member) $875 ($73/hour)

8 Sessions: (non member) $720 ($90/hour)/ (member) $625 ($78/hour)

5 Sessions: (non member) $500 ($100/hour)/ (member) $400 ($80/hour)